Financial & CSR label

The GOODpayeur® score is a financial and CSR indicator. We suggest labelling your business. The GOODPayeur® label was developed according to the recommendations from the ISO 26000 standard, and can contribute to ISO 9001 (Quality Management) certification for your company. The labelling is based on an objective analysis of your company's payment practices and which takes into account its economic context (difficulties, uses of the sector of activity).

Send a strong message to your ecosystem and strengthen your reputation with all of your stakeholders.

This evaluation requires taking a transparent approach, which is developed using 3 methods available depending on your technological capabilities and the size of your business:

  • Integration of our API
  • Request recommendations from your suppliers
  • Export of your Payment Data through our services

Make the choice of transparency and communicate this choice to your customers and suppliers..

Start by signing the GOODPayeur® charter for free as a representative of a company, association, public administration, etc.

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GOODPayeur® label

Concerns all companies, administrations and associations!

  • Integration of the GOODPayeur® API
  • Custom interface developments with GOODPayeur®
  • Analysis of your Payment Data
  • Diagnosis of your DSO & Customer Credit
  • Competitive study
  • Tips for optimising your GOODPayeur® Score
  • Certification of your GOODPayeur® Score
  • Labelling of your company
  • Communication of your labelling
  • Highlight as a GOODPayeur® Partner

Certify and label your company financially based on objective and recognised criteria. Integrate your procedures into your company's ISO 9001 certification.


Take advantage of the advice of an expert in Credit Management to assist you in your business.

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