Send your customers a payment reminder before and/or after the due date

Steps for issuing a payment reminder:


Schedule a payment reminder plan

(Simple payment reminder, formal notice, incentive by bonus/penalty...)


Download your invoice

(.pdf, .jpeg or .jpg format)


Identify your debtor

(Enter your debtor's email and mobile number)


Confirm and it’s sent!

How does it work?

You want your customers to pay you faster:

  • GOODPayeur sends follow-up emails and SMS to your customers.
  • Your customer relationship is preserved.
  • You make your customer aware of the importance of paying your invoices.

After receiving payment, you update the information in your space. The payment experience contributes to giving your Customer’s score a bonus or a penalty.

If your customer pays quickly, their score will receive a bonus!

If this is not enough? The tool allows the automatic transmission of your file to our partner bailiffs and specialised lawyers so that they can quickly give you advice and handle your case at a reasonable price!

Ready to start?

You can freely configure your payment reminder plan.


You can adapt your payment reminder plan to your customer relationship. GOODPayeur® payment reminders can be used without compromising your business relationship.


The number of payment reminders per plan is unlimited, you can also configure as many steps as you wish.

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