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CSR & Compliance

GOODPayeur® is the community-based tool for analyzing international B2B payment behavior. The solution for preventing late payments, unpaid bills and customer failures.

GOODPayeur® captures and analyzes payment flows in the economy.

GOODPayeur® computes a score according to a company's real-time payment behavior.

With the GOODPayeur® API, you get the complete information from the ultimate Crowdsourcing tool to know the reliability of your prospects, customers and partners.

The GOODPayeur® API is simple to integrate. It gives you access to our functionalities and connection modules already exist for certain ERP and CRM software.

To fully benefit from GOODPayeur®, we encourage you to share your data. The data you share with GOODPayeur® is confidential, secure and anonymized. It makes it possible to assess the payment behavior of the companies concerned by Crowdsourcing. We do not use your data for any other purpose than providing an anonymized community assessment and controlling the quality of our samples.

Offer to your customers
  • You sell GOODPayeur® to your customers.
  • Our API solution is simple to implement.
  • Our brand is readable and committed.
  • You increase your turnover.
  • You stand out.

By choosing to integrate GOODPayeur® in your offer, you provide your customers or members with the most powerful and affordable solution to fight late payments and unpaid bills.

Your solutions will contribute to the business ecosystem on many levels. Your customers will know your “CSR” commitment.

  • Community recovery through “Big Data” monitoring of B2B payment behavior & the use of a protection logo affixed to quotes, invoices and reminders.
  • Information on the solvency and reliability of companies, up to date, calculated from the "Big Data" of B2B payment behavior.
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For your business
  • Improve your DSO.
  • Secure your client workstation.
  • Secure your ecosystem.
  • All the data in a GOODPayeur® report can be accessed and used by our API.

Integrate the power of GOODPayeur® into your business.

Save & make money

Obtain precise, strategic and exclusive information on your customers and prospects for a preferential rate as a "GOODPayeur® Partner". Access the payment reminder and invoice protection features.

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