Protection of invoices

Do I have to download the logo each time?

No, you only have to download the logo once, then paste it into the invoice template you use or send it to your software publisher so that it can be included in your invoices, just like you did for your company logo. Download the logo

Do I have to use the services of GOODPayeur® when I use the protection logo?

No, you are free to choose whether or not to use our payment reminder and bill collection services. It's entirely up to you! You can use them according to your own methodology! However, we advise you to:

Payment reminder tool

What is the GOODPayeur® payment reminder tool used for and how is it different?

Our payment reminder tool allows you to create an original payment reminder plan adapted to your sensitivity towards your customer. You can configure the payment reminder steps with maximum freedom. By configuring your plan, you choose to send emails and SMS according to templates that correspond to the GOODPayeur® services. We offer a service based on scoring the payment practices of companies to encourage them to pay you before the due date or quickly in the event of lateness. You have complete control over the intensity of your payment reminder plan. If there is no result, our professional collection partners are available to assist you.

Is displaying my customers’ payment behaviour on GOODPayeur® not against the law?

Nowadays, you have the right to express an opinion on the Internet. As a professional, you also have the right to share an experience on the basis of objective facts. On the one hand, the assessment of a debtor's reliability by their creditors is of interest to the public. The online expression of this assessment comes under freedom of expression. Furthermore, the information from the Trade and Companies Register is free to use. However, it is advisable to respect our conditions and not resort to insulting, slandering or denigrating the services of your debtors. It is also important not to violate any confidentiality clauses, professional secrecy or other ethical rules.

Is GOODPayeur® a debt collection company?

No, BAD PAYEUR SAS is a company that has set itself the vision and ambition of offering solutions for the sustainable improvement of the economic behaviour of economic agents. To achieve this, it offers solutions and software components for collection.

What if I have been sent a payment reminder and/or been reported by a person with whom I have never done business or had a contractual relationship?

Sign in to your account and dispute the claim by explaining the situation in the claim form. We will act as quickly as possible to put an end to a manifestly illicit disturbance, in accordance with the obligations of a host (French law on confidence in the digital economy “Loi LCEN”). You can also report a simple error to us by writing to [email protected]

Is collecting the debt guaranteed?

No, GOODPayeur® cannot guarantee the payment of your invoice. However, we make it our mission to help you prevent late payments and unpaid invoices.

What if my debtor files for bankruptcy?

It will be up to you to declare your claim to the creditors' representative appointed by the Commercial Court or the District Court, as the case may be.

What documents and information must be provided to use the payment reminder tool?

The required information is as follows:

The required documents are:


Who is in the search database?

All the French businesses listed in the SIRENE directory of INSEE’s (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies). We collect mass data on the payment behaviour of companies, public authorities, associations, etc., in order to offer you information that is strategic for your endeavours.

I can't find my company in the search database

Our database may not be up to date if your business is recent, but it is updated very quickly. If you have any questions, you can write to us at [email protected]

The report

A legend is provided with the report, contact us if you are unsure about how to interpret the data provided.

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