GOODPayeur® monitors the payment periods of your customers.

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Information reliability, Community collection and Labelling
  • Over 11 million  VSEs, SMEs and local authorities evaluated by our algorithm
  • Over 300 million  payment experiences shared by our partners
  • More than 500,000  invoices protected from late payment
  • More than 70%  collection rate for unpaid invoices
  • More than 800  customers
  • -20%  on the average payment period of your customers

GOODPayeur® allows you to

Verify the reliability of a company

We evaluate all businesses, associations, public administrations... More than 300 million payment experiences summarised in simple and accessible reports.


Protect your invoices with the logo

Put the GOODPayeur® protection logo on your invoices for free and increase the chances that your invoices will be paid.

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Send payment reminders for your invoices effectively

With the payment reminder tool that can be configured in just a few clicks, GOODPayeur® sends prompting, awareness and formal notice messages. Collect payment of your invoices while preserving the business relationship.

Send a payment reminder

Obtain the GOODPayeur® label

Sign the GOODPayeur® charter, then obtain a label which contributes to your ISO 9001 certification based on our financial and CSR indicators.

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Our partners

Our partners

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Since 2015, we believe that it is by shedding light on the payment practices of companies that those companies will improve their payment practices.

The fintech that assesses companies’ payment terms

GOODPayeur is financial technology that publishes a payment behaviour score intended to assess the reputation of companies on the issue of payment terms. The aim is to give a financial and CSR score. This reliability score not only for companies, but also public authorities and associations, is calculated on the basis of hundreds of millions of payment experiences and the legal and judicial life of companies. Search for a company, association or public administration and download a GOODPayeur report to get an idea not only of their reliability, but also their financial soundness! For the GOODPayeur reports include economic data on the firm allowing you to form an idea of your prospect or your customer’s situation in the economy, even if you don’t have any training or an affinity for accounting activities.

The legaltech that has revolutionized the collection business

GOODPayeur was above all, from 2017, a legal technology firm founded by lawyers wishing to ffer a new source of collection leverageto companies to help them out of difficult situations. GOODPayeur invented community collection back when the first steps were taken by the French Ministry of the Economy to Name & Shame in 2015. The objective was to offer civil society an ability to express themselves, to report or recommend the practices of businesses and administrations regarding their payment behaviour. The cause of late payments is mainly cultural, so a cultural solution was needed. The GOODPayeur community collection tool is designed to motivate debtors and make them aware of the importance of respecting payment deadlines, without upsetting them. With GOODPayeur, it is possible to use the powerful collection effect based on scoring and community evaluation while retaining your customer base. To do this, either via the web or by connecting to our API, you can notify, send a payment reminder or give formal notice to your customers and debtors, who will receive SMS and email reminders sent by GOODPayeur. In the event of a dispute or a lack of response, you can request to have the compiled record sent to a partner lawyer or bailiff, with a single click!

Civictech, which labels good payment track records

GOODPayeur offers a financial & CSR label based on score to label the payment behaviour of deserving companies. The label can be requested when the reliability score for GOODPayeur payment terms reaches 100/100. This label was designed to complement a system for certifying anorganisation around the ISO 9001 Quality Management standard (§7) inspired by ISO 26000 Guidance on social responsibility. To achieve a score of 100/100 without a sufficient sample of data in GOODPayeur, a representative of the company can sign the GOODPayeur charter and request recommendations from its suppliers (i.e. organisations that have sent it at least one invoice). The signing of the GOODPayeur charter, obtaining the label and the recommendations feature are free.

The directory on the reliability and financial soundness of companies, public administrations and associations

GOODPayeur publishes an online directory which enables the reliability scores of the economic actors evaluated on the platform to be disseminated efficiently and massively. Why? Because the GOODPayeur score and their possible labelling on their economic behaviour must be widely disseminated to raise awareness and encourage the same organisations to align their actions with the ideal, as written, in particular, in the GOODPayeur charter.

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